KYOTO INDIVIDUAL - This purchase is for those that have ALREADY PAID THEIR INDIVIDUAL DEPOSIT and would like to clear their balance. 


Please note: your costume comes with MWD Rhinestone tights.


Your payment is NON-REFUNDABLE and all balances must be paid in full by July 30th. 

Kyoto Individual - INSTALMENTS

Please confirm which payment this is
  • Your handmade INDIVIDUAL costume package will include:

    A tiara style head piece; neck piece, earrings; pair of arm pieces and leg pieces; invidually customised bra and bikini bottoms or thong (as specified); feathered backpack.


    Your costume package includes the following:

    • Your hand crafted costume (as detailed above)
    • A Chocolate Nation Sunday package
    • Unlimited drinks
    • Breakfast and snacks throughout the day
    • Roped off sections for masqueraders
    • An epic music truck full of VIBES!
    • Top local and international DJs
    • Extra surprise 'goodies'
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