Where can I register and pay for a costume?

Please have a look at our current costumes HERE. Once you have made a purchase and your details and payment have been received, we'll send you a confirmation email. 

Which carnival are your costumes for?

Our Duchess collection will be on the road for Berlin's Karneval der Kulturen with Carnival Fever in Berlin, Germany on 29th May 2020. 

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept cash payments and major credit/debit cards.


How do I clear my balance?

Please select '2ND PAYMENT' option for the section you registered in and proceed to checkout. You must also submit your deposit reference number so we can link the payment to your previous order.


When will I be able to collect my costume?

Collection is usually scheduled the week before carnival but and naturally differs for each carnival. You will be emailed the information closer to carnival. 

When/where can I see the costumes in person?

This can be done by appointment only. Please email and an agreeable time will be arranged. 

Is this an all inclusive band?

Berlin Carnival is not all inclusive but Notting Hill, Rotterdam and Miami Carnival will be all inclusive.

When does registration close?

Costume registration usually closes 6 weeks before the parade.

Can I change my mind about the option I want after I've paid my deposit?

You have up to a week after you register to amend any sizes/costume options. Please submit any changes via email to Any requests after this time will not be fulfilled.  

Can I spread out my costume payments?

Yes, we welcome and accept instalments. The online shop was created with split payments in mind but make sure you add the correct option to your shopping basket. If you would like to split your payments, please select the 'DEPOSIT' amount and when you return to clear your balance, you must add '2ND PAYMENT' option to your shopping basket and proceed to checkout. It is also your responsibility to ensure your balance is cleared by the deadline date. 


Are my payments and deposit refundable?

 All payments to secure your carnival costume are non-refundable. Not only is your costume made to the size you submit, it would also be against all hygiene and health and safety regulations to accept the return of such intimate swimwear-style pieces.


What happens if I miss the last payment date?

If you have only paid your deposit, the costume will be offered to individuals on the waiting list. If a prior agreement has been made, the costume will still be available to you. Costume collection is only possible once you've paid in full.

Will my costume be exactly the same as the prototype?

We endeavour to make your costume as close to the ​prototype as possible. Costumes are however subject to change based on whether we are able to source the exact materials. In addition, if your cup size is larger than the model, please note that it may appear not to have as many stones but they are all counted. The larger the cup, the more space on the bra, meaning it may appear to have fewer stones. Rest assured, this is not the case; we will replicate your costume with the exact quantity of stones and decorations.

How do I know what my size is?

Please have a look at our size guide below:

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